Jaguar XJ Ultimate edition launched

Designed by Jaguar Land Rover’s specialist ETO division, the team responsible for the Range Rover Evoque by Victoria Beckham and the UK’s fastest ever Jaguar, the XKR-S, the new Jaguar XJ Ultimate edition will sit at the top of the luxury saloon range.

Jaguar has described the new Jaguar XJ Ultimate as the most luxurious Jaguar car ever built. Inside, the car has been completely overhauled with rear row of seats replaced by two powered seats either side of a champagne chiller.

The Jaguar XJ Ultimate also includes two iPads, a top-of-the-range sound system with 20-speaker surround sound, 20″ alloy wheels and chrome highlights throughout.

There is also an electrically-powered table, champagne glasses, touch-screen rear seat entertainment and LED lighting for rear passengers.

Under the bonnet the Jaguar XJ Ultimate will be the first Jaguar to feature the 3.0-litre supercharged V6 engine set to appear on the new, two-seat Jaguar F-Type.

As well as being the most luxurious Jaguar ever sold in the UK, it is also set to be the most expensive with a price of £100,000 likely for the ultra-luxury saloon.

Standard Jaguar XJ saloons prices start from £55,525, rising to up to £94,000 for the range-topping V8 petrol Supersport version.

Jaguar says the new Jaguar XJ Ultimate is the first of a number of new special editions to come from the specialist designers in the ETO team.

Eventually, it will lead to a host of customisation options across the range, says Jaguar, which will allow customers to design a unique interior and exterior when buying a Jaguar car from Jaguar dealerships such as Perrys Jaguar of Huddersfield.