New Renault Zoe makes UK debut

The five-door hatchback will appear at the EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show at Silverstone racing circuit tomorrow alongside a Renault electric car on sale now, the new, two-seat Renault Twizy.

The Clio-size hatchback is the UK’s cheapest electric car after prices of just £13,650 were announced earlier this year.

It will also come with a £70 per month battery leasing cost for three years at 6,000 miles per year, the car maker has announced.

Renault Zoe prices are nearly £10,000 less than a Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV despite the Renault Zoe offering a longer range and more protection for the battery from cold weather.

Capable of travelling up to 130 miles on a single charge, the Zoe is less affected by cold weather, which can shorten a standard electric car’s range, and comes with the UK’s first ‘chameleon’ charger compatible with all types of charging point.

This means a charge can take as little as 30 minutes when an industrial fast charger is used and up to six hours with a standard household socket.

The Renault Zoe is unlike any other electric car on the market. Not only is it the first supermini-size hatchback to offer an all-electric powertrain, it also comes with unique interior equipment.

This includes a skin hydration air conditioning system that controls humidity in the cabin, toxicity to measure air quality and a scent diffuser releasing fragrances for a more relaxing drive on Renault Zoe Zen versions, the second of two specification levels.

The new Renault Zoe is the fourth all-electric Renault vehicle to go on sale after the launch of the four-door Renault Fluence saloon, Renault Kangoo ZE van and the tiny two-seat Renault Twizy city car in Renault UK dealerships.