New Renault Twizy on sale now

The distinctive Renault Twizy is a completely electric car and has been described by Renault as ‘the most unique new car on sale in the UK today’.

This is because it comes with just two seats – one behind the other – and a lack of proper doors. However, it also costs £1 to charge, is free to drive around cities with a congestion charge and can park in the tightest city spaces.

It is also stylish and customisable and Renault Twizy prices start from around £6,700 on-the-road and just £45 a month for battery leasing costs.

The Renault Twizy comes with a choice of three trim levels; Urban, Colour and Technic, with scissor doors, a driver and passenger blanket and 50-litre bag available as optional extras.

The new Renault Twizy measures just 2.34 metres long by 1.24 metres wide and can be driven for up to 50 miles on a single charge.

It can reach speeds of up to 50mph and Renault is touting it as an affordable, green solution to driving in congested city centres.

It can be charged in three and a half hours from an electric charging station and home chargers mean it can be charged overnight if necessary when electric rates are lower.

Renault has also announced its intentions to sell a 28mph-limited version for 16 year olds in the UK in future after a new category of European license was introduced.

The first new Renault Twizy cars will arrive in city dealerships today with the rest of the Renault electric dealer network having the models delivered on 20 April.