What is the Seat Mii?

So what is the Seat Mii?

Seat has opened orders for its much anticipated Seat Mii city car ahead of its release date in June.

But like many cars on the market today, it has been produced alongside two other models that are very similar: Skoda Citigo and the Volkswagen Up.

Although these models are very similar, they do in fact have subtle differences, which make them dramatically diverse.

So for Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen, it is a ‘battle of the brands’. But what makes them so different?

What are they on the surface?

On the surface, all three models are compact city cars with the choice of either three/five door body styles.

As well as being compact, the three models offer a very similar shape, which includes a box-like rear end and a sloped ‘nose-like’ front end.

But what is the Seat Mii?

The Seat Mii without doubt has street appeal. It offers vibrant exterior paint jobs including bright yellow and red. It also offers body graphics, which give it that customisable edge.

Due to its head turning ‘street cred’ appeal the Seat has been deemed a young buyers car. This is further represented with its interior media equipment that includes iPod connectivity and gloss white dashboard.

The Seat Mii also comes with a Sport trim level that adds lowered suspension, dark tinted windows and 15-inch alloy wheels.

Although the Seat Mii is a city car it offers ample storage space of up to 951-litres. When paired with the convenience of a five door derivative the Seat Mii is very practical. Its snug 3.55 metre length also makes it easy to manoeuvre around the city.

What about price?

The Seat Mii is cheaper than the Volkswagen Up and is only slightly more expensive than the Skoda Citigo, as the Citigo costs £7,000 and the Mii costs £7,845.

However, the new Seat Mii adds more of a personal touch as it adds a versatile exterior/interior, and even the choice to specify air conditioning on a trim.