Mazda2 takes a ride on the ‘wall of death’

Some car manufacturers have been known to go a little ‘crazy’ when advertising a new model in its range, by either putting it through a strange or unusual challenge, or carrying out a death defying stunt.

This includes the water balloon world record attempt (Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde) and the car bungee jump (Chevrolet Aveo). All things considered, these are usually very cool to watch.

The latest addition to the catalogue of wild promotion ideas is the Mazda2 and ‘the wall of death’.

To promote its supermini model, Mazda had its Mazda2 model driven around the ‘Demon Dome’ to show that even though it is a supermini, it can still handle a stunt like this.

The Dome is 31-foot in diameter, made almost entirely of wood and is 85 years old, something of which stunt driver Dynomyte Dave may not want to have heard.

The Mazda2 had some minor alterations before the endeavour which included the installation of a driver bucket seat with a race harness and its electronic stability control was removed to allow for greater driving versatility.

Apart from a few minor changes, everything on the Mazda2 was standard. The engine used in the stunt was a 1.5-litre 101hp sport, which is available as an option in the standard Mazda2 range, which starts from £10,495.

Below is a video of the stunt, enjoy:


Dynomyte Dave commented on the stunt, he said: “That was incredible. Just amazing – I’m so stoked! It was a bit tricky getting the Mazda up onto the vertical, but once it was there it was rock steady. Great fun. But I don’t think I’ll be doing it again. Not for a long while – ”