New Twizy could be driven without a license

As the two-seat Twizy is set to make its UK debut in early April, Renault UK’s head of EV programme, Andy Heiron, has revealed in an interview with Autocar that it may be set to release a new version of the Twizy in January 2013.

The new Twizy 45 echoes the same type of stylish and practical transport alternative to a car, with its only difference being a limited 28mph speed limit.

With this limited top speed the new Twizy 45 is eligible to be driven by 16 year olds without a licence, ultimately making it more available to younger drivers.

This means 16 year olds can benefit from its practical and cheap to run abilities when travelling to either school, college or when going out with friends.

Heiron told Autocar that before being able to drive the Twizy 45, there will be a simple and straightforward practical and theory test required.

The standard Renault Twizy has been recognised as a cheap and easy form of transport for getting from A to B. Its electric powertrain emits zero tailpipe emissions and can travel up to 60 miles off a single charge.

As well as its frugal powertrain making a name for itself, the Twizy’s versatility has also been praised as it offers three extensively different trim levels as well as an array of paint jobs.

The Twizy also comes well equipped in terms of safety with a three point seatbelt in the front and rear as well as a front airbag and a steering lock.

The Renault Twizy is available to order now with prices starting from £6,690. The new Renault Twizy 45 is expected to cost around £6,200 in the UK.

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