Ford Focus Electric to be ‘made to order’

In order to make the new Ford Focus EV model more universal to business customers, Ford has announced that it will be giving them the option to specify exactly what they would like on their EV models.

This approach means that Ford will offer a base ‘template-like’ model of its Focus EV to customers, which they will then look over and tell Ford exactly what they want on their model.

This will be extremely beneficial for businesses as each trade will need the Focus EV to succumb to certain criteria depending on its usage, whether it is specific exterior or interior features. Ford has said that this customisation process will take four to six weeks.

This method of a make to order model is usually the way of premium manufacturers, such as Land Rover or Bentley. But Ford has broken the mould and is offering its customers the ability to be more interactive in the production process.

The Ford Focus EV was first revealed as a teaser image about a year ago and has since then built up high expectations.

The Focus EV uses a 23kWh lithium ion battery and can achieve a top speed of 84mph. The Focus EV can be charged using a 240 volt charge station in a matter of three to four hours.

Unlike other electric cars, the Ford Focus Electric will be based on the conventionally-powered new Ford Focus and will be built alongside its sibling.

Ford vehicles are available from Perrys Ford of Aylesbury and Perrys Ford of High Wycombe dealerships.