Ford introduces speed limiters to its car range

The Adjustable Speed Limiter technology can be set to stop the car travelling over a certain speed by limiting the amount of fuel to the engine and slowing the vehicle down.

Ford says the technology can help drivers stay within the speed limit and avoid hefty speeding fines or point son their license.

It could also help worried parents prevent their newly qualified child from speeding on UK roads – and Ford says it has been a popular system with over 220,000 Ford cars currently on the roads in Europe using the technology.

The system can be operated via switches on the steering wheel and the limit can be raised by 3mph at a time. However, it can be overridden if more power is needed to overtake by pressing the accelerator firmly.

The system will offer visual and audio warnings when the speed limit is approaching to ensure the driver knows he or she is close to breaking it.

“At the press of a button this technology helps you to limit the speed of your vehicle,” said Dr Torsten Wey, technology supervisor, Ford of Europe. “It only takes a momentary lapse of concentration to exceed the speed limit which is why the Ford Adjustable Speed Limiter technology gives drivers so much peace of mind.”

The system is one of several pieces of new technology found on the new Ford Focus hatchback, whose prices start from just £14,000 despite the extra equipment.

It will also be available on the Ford Galaxy seven-seat people carrier, Ford C-Max and larger Ford Grand C-Max, all of which are now on sale at Ford dealerships in the UK.