New Renault Zoe cuts electric car prices found over a third of motorists would not consider an electric car because of the high cost of buying the vehicle in the first place.

With the first wave of electric cars priced well above £20,000 in the UK, the price outstrips range anxiety and charging facilities as the main concern for potential electric car buyers.

However, the Renault Zoe, a supermini similar in size to the popular Renault Clio, will cost just £13,650 after the government’s £5,000 plug-in car grant is taken into account.

The Zoe ‘will help bring electric cars into the reach of a greater audience of car buyers’, according to the website.

Set to go on sale later in the year, the Renault Zoe is the first all-electric supermini to go on sale in the UK. The compact hatchback uses Renault’s new design language and offers a range of up to 130 miles from a single charge.

More importantly, Renault says the battery will cope better than other electric batteries in colder temperatures, when electric cars are prone to lose some of their range.

Renault will offer the Zoe with three trim levels when it goes on sale in the UK and Faye Sunderland, editor of TheGreenCarWebsite, believes it will boost interest in electric cars.

She added: “There is a future for the electric car, where the prices come much more in line with traditional rivals. When we start to overcome the price hurdle, we expect that many people will find that electric cars are suitable for their needs.”

The new Renault Zoe will go on sale at Renault UK dealerships later in the year.