Is the Renault Twizy the car of the future?

Renault already has a range of cars in its eco electric range, including the Fluence Z.E. saloon and the Twizy. But the Twizy isn’t just like any other electric car (EV) on the market.

Due to it being so economical and practical, the Twizy has on many occasions been said to point the way forward for inner-city motoring.

In a recent mock-up ‘Home of the Future’ at the Ideal Home Show, there was an array of new technologies featured around the house, ranging from a robotic vacuum cleaner to a transport pod bed.

Amongst the innovative cluster of inventions was the Twizy. The electric Twizy has been viewed as the ideal car of the future because as well as emitting zero CO2 emissions; it is also very small and therefore very practical.

At just 2.5m in length the two seat Twizy is easy to park and manoeuvre around the city environment, as well as around your own premises if need be. The Twizy can also travel around 60 miles on a single charge, which also kits it out for city driving.

But this isn’t the first time the Twizy has been referenced or considered as the car of the future. It has a track record that even includes an appearance in the computer game The Sims 3 as a futuristic vehicle, which shows how universally renowned its name tag really is.

The new Renault Twizy is available to order now and will be arriving in dealerships from April 2012. Prices start from £6,690.

While you’re riding around in your Twizy, here are some other innovative features of the Home of the Future that you could be using.

The Transport Pod – This is a comfy little getaway that allows users to lie back and relax as soothing music is played accompanied by a lighting display.

The Piano Induction Hob – This cooking hob gives you more room to cook in the style of a futuristic table topper. It comes with three different cooking modes: Expert, Piano and Solo.

The Robo TAP – This is a robotic vacuum cleaner that can be sent to do the job by simply tapping an area you want cleaning with your foot.