UK’s most driven car revealed

Warranty Direct has found Ford’s mid-size family car travels an average of 15,000 miles every year – the highest mileage of any car on the road.

The Mondeo’s popularity as a family car and a business vehicle means drivers clock up more than any other car and 3,000 more miles than the average distance covered by UK cars, which stands at 12,000.

However, the family car is also the most reliable car out of the top ten highest-mileage cars. Only 15 per cent of Mondeos require a warranty claim each year, four per cent less than the second-placed Volvo S80 and over half that of the Volkswagen Passat in third place with 44 per cent.

With an industry average repair rate of 39 per cent, the Ford Mondeo is significantly above-average when it comes to reliability.

When the Ford Mondeo does break down, it is also cheaper to fix than its rivals. The largest claim for the Mondeo in 2011 was £879.28 compared to £2,224.09 for the Passat and an eye-watering £5,375.63 for an Audi A6.

Warranty Direct managing director, Duncan McClure Fisher, said: “The Mondeo’s always been a favourite with company car drivers, and it appears they rarely stay idle for long. Despite this, they are reliable too.”

However, despite it topping the mileage table, the Ford Mondeo cannot match the Kia Picanto in terms of reliability.

Only eight per cent of Kia Picanto city cars require a claim, according to the data, probably helped by an average mileage of just 6,504 miles.

With the largest claim coming in at just £246.64, the Kia Picanto is also one of the most affordable cars to drive in terms of reliability, according to the data.