Are mums really the best drivers?

According to a recent survey, children around the UK prefer their mums driving them around instead of their dads.

The children in the GEM Motoring Assist survey were aged five to 16 and out of the 1,300 children polled, 60 per cent said they prefer mum behind the wheel because dad tends to speed and is more likely to get frustrated with other road users, leading to road rage.

So why are mums the parent-chauffeur of choice?

According to the survey, mums tend to be more relaxed and considerate to other motorists and are less likely to ‘lose their cool’ with them, something which appeals to the majority of children when travelling.

The children said that Mums are also more relaxed behind the wheel in terms of actual driving as well and they are less likely to weave in and out of traffic, unlike dads who are 55 per cent more likely to be in a road accident than mums.

Another key factor is that mums are more interactive and likely to have a chit chat with their children; in fact 70 per cent of offspring claim that their mums sing when driving them around. This ultimately makes journeys more enjoyable for children.

The survey also revealed that children think mums have nicer cars than dads, which ticks the street cred box if you’re getting dropped off at school by your mum. Take a look at our guide to the best cars for women.

Although mums are first choice behind the wheel, children admit that when it comes to things like parking manoeuvres, dads are best. Children also admitted that mums are more likely to stall their car as well.

Despite their shortfalls in terms of manoeuvres, mums are preferred behind the wheel because children feel safer than when their dad is driving them around.

David Williams, CEO at GEM Motoring Assist, said: “It is important that children do not see their parents driving too fast or too aggressively, as this could have a long term effect on what they see as ‘the norm.”