One million clocked cars on UK roads

Car history expert HPI says the number of cars checked in 2011 with an inconsistent mileage was a seven-figure number, increasing the potential of unsafe and mis-sold cars on the road.

“It is simply too easy for sellers to hike up the value of a car by turning back the miles on the odometer, making clocking one of the biggest risks for consumers,” explains Kristian Welch, Consumer Director for HPI.

As well as paying over the odds for a clocked car, customers face more serious issues with clocked cars, according to HPI.

A clocked car will have more wear and tear than the driver expects and may have missed servicing intervals, potentially creating a danger to the driver and other road users.

Overall, HPI says one in 20 cars checked have a mileage discrepancy and has warned modern digital odometers make it ‘easier than ever for clocked cars to evade detection’.

While it is not illegal to clock a car, it is illegal to not declare any changes to a buyer. However, buyers are advised to get the car checked out themselves.

Welch adds: “Unsuspecting buyers are being caught out every day, but they don’t need to be.”

HPI is one of a number of services offering car history checks and has launched a £30,000 guarantee in the event of information it provides being inaccurate.

Meanwhile, Perrys Motors has assured customers all used cars undo rigorous, full history check by its experts. However, you can read a full guide to car clocking here.