What is Renault 4+?

You’ve probably seen the advert and now Renault’s 4+ package has been handed a major consumer award from CarBuyer.

The advert features a man meeting a woman and over the course of 40 seconds, shows them buying a house, getting married and having a child together.

As time passes their choice of Renault car changes from a sporty Renault Clio Gordini to a more family-oriented Renault Scenic, all in aid of showcasing Renault’s now award-winning package, Renault 4+.


But what is Renault 4+ (or Renault 4 Plus)?

Renault 4+ is the latest scheme offered to UK car buyers to simplify new car payments into an easier-to-understand scheme.

However, unlike a payment scheme, it simply adds a four-year warranty to several other services for the same time period, all included in the price of the car.

While it is not as stripped back as Peugeot’s Just Add Fuel scheme, it means Renault drivers get four years’ warranty, four years’ roadside assistance and four years’ servicing including parts and labour.

For those buying a Renault car on finance, it also includes four years’ finance if specified.

What are the benefits of Renault 4+?

The obvious benefits of Renault +4 is the warranty, which covers the car for four years up to 100,000 miles (the first two years offer unlimited mileage).

However, the four years’ servicing includes four annual services and includes all non-wear and tear items. However, this servicing offer covers 48,000 miles and does not include general wear and tear on items such as tyres or brakes.

Plus, Renault drivers get the bonus of free roadside assistance with no limit on the number of callouts, and is operational 24 hours a day, every day in partnership with the AA.

What Renault cars can I buy with Renault 4+?

All new Renault cars and vans are available with the Renault 4+ offer. Just contact your nearest Perrys Renault dealership to find out more.