The Range Rover Evoque continues to expand appeal

As many will already know, the Range Rover Evoque has continued to tally up awards and significant recognition since its release in September 2011.

With over 90 awards world wide the Evoque has undoubtedly been a great success. But as the coupe Evoque has already proved itself with lucrative sales of over 30,000 globally (in October 2011 alone), many Evoque fans have their fingers crossed as they hope for a new Evoque body style or trim.

By the looks of things, Range Rover is planning to give its fans what they want as it is set to reveal a new convertible Evoque concept at the Geneva Motor Show in March next month.

This convertible, if put into production, will be the world’s first convertible premium SUV. Apart from a canvas soft top roof and a few minor design features, the convertible Evoque will be exactly the same as the coupe model and offer matching luxury and comfort.

This convertible is still a concept however, but chances are it will go into production as Range Rover looks to expand the popular range.

A convertible model will also give Evoque an edge over other crossover/SUV competitors such as the Kia Sportage and the Nissan Qashqai.

Aside from the convertible Evoque concept, there have also been rumours that there may be a Grand Evoque model in the pipeline. According to Autocar this Grand Evoque model will have a larger underbody and a bigger overhang, meaning it will have a bigger boot.

Another addition to the Evoque line-up in recent times has been the Evoque Kahn. This model is an Evoque that has been revamped with both interior and exterior styling changes by the design company Kahn, further proving the Evoque’s stylish versatility.

As the Evoque is ‘at large’ in terms of sales and popularity, you can expect to see more from the acclaimed Range Rover Evoque model in the near future.