New Fiat Panda has ‘big car feel’

Senior Product Manager Rob Lade says the new five-door Fiat Panda will come with more choice than other small city cars and offer more practicality than its rivals.

He said: “Up is about being a small car, Panda is about trying to give a big car feel to a small car,” he said, speaking at the Panda’s UK launch this week in Wiltshire.”

He also revealed the new Fiat Panda will come with four engines, three trim levels and several body colours and options, resulting in around 20 different Fiat Panda choices for customers.

The new Fiat Panda is the latest small car from Fiat and acts as a more practical alternative to the style-focused Fiat 500.

New Fiat Panda prices also undercut its sibling at around £9,000 and Fiat says it will be a car for ‘real customers’ with ‘real money’ as opposed to supercars and luxury vehicles.

The new Fiat Panda, which is available to buy now with the new 12 plates, is also a particularly ‘green’ car because it makes use of Fiat’s award-winning engines.

These include Fiat’s MulitJet diesel engines and the two-cylinder TwinAir petrol first introduced into the Fiat 500. The petrol is the smallest on sale in the UK and delivers fuel economy to match a small diesel engine.

It also qualifies for free UK road tax and exemption from the London congestion charge because of its low CO2 emissions.

The Fiat Panda is based on the long-running small car of the same name and despite updated styling, it keeps the high roofline to offer passengers more space inside.

It also comes with roof bars and a 4×4 version will arrive in the UK after launch, Fiat has revealed. The new Fiat Panda is available to order from UK Fiat dealerships now.