New Peugeot concept previews new 208

Peugeot has revealed a new concept car hinting at a new high-spec Peugeot 208 when it arrives in June this year.

The Peugeot XY concept is heavily influenced by the forthcoming three-door supermini and Peugeot says the additional styling and colour options could hint at options for the new Peugeot 207 replacement.

The new Peugeot 208 will be launched in June 2012 and although prices and specification details have not been announced.

The Peugeot XY concept includes a new ‘crimson’ body colour designed to look like it is changing colour as the car moves and catches the light.

A new panoramic glass roof trimmed in black leather, 18″ chrome alloy wheels and white ambience lighting to light the interior.

At the front of the car the XY concept the traditional Peugeot grille also gets a makeover with three horizontal chrome bars.

Inside, Peugeot has demonstrated its interior design options as it aims to push higher specification Peugeot 208 models a little more upmarket.

The seats of the Peugeot XY concept are covered in grey leather which is ‘pinched’ together by five metal rings to tighten the material.

Leather can also be found on the dashboard, steering wheel and floor mats inside the car and hints at new, more upmarket trims available for the new Peugeot 208.

The Peugeot XY concept comes with a 1/6-litre engine developing 115bhp. The diesel engine is an ‘e-HDi’ unit, meaning it comes with stop-start technology and a an electric ‘e-booster’ designed to aid engine restart and ensure it is as quick and smooth as possible.

The Peugeot XY concept will not be released as an individual model in the UK but some of its styling touches will be available on higher-specification Peugeot 208 models when they arrive in Peugeot UK dealerships in December.