Peugeot 508 RXH set for UK launch

The Peugeot 508 RXH is a new take on the Peugeot 508 estate (or SW) launched in 2011 in the UK. Designed to look like the standard 508 SW, the new RXH comes with a diesel-hybrid engine setup to drastically reduce running costs.

The new Peugeot 508 RXH uses a 2.0-litre diesel-hybrid engine choice, named Hybrid4, delivering 200bhp and 450Nm courtesy of a diesel engine and an electric motor.

The combined power sources mean the car is a four-wheel drive model and the availability of an electric-only mode means fuel economy is 67.2mpg – putting the new Peugeot 508 RXH in supermini territory in terms of running costs.

The electric take on the traditional diesel engine means the car emits 107g/km of CO2 emissions and this is enough to put it in Band B of UK road tax. Drivers will avoid first year road tax payments and pay £35 in subsequent years in the 508 RXH.

Peugeot says the new Peugeot 508 RXH will be popular with business because of the low running costs. The car will cost £130 in Benefit in Kind tax per month based on its CO2 emissions.

It also comes with an executive level of equipment including premium upholstery, a range-topping sound system, head-up display, 18″ alloy wheels and a panoramic glass roof.

Peugeot will introduce the new Peugeot 508 RXH at Silverstone racing circuit on 18 April at the EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show.

The Peugeot 508 RXH launch date is set for mid-June in the UK. Peugeot 508 RXH prices have not been announced but a special edition model sold for £36,000 in the run-up to the UK launch.