Is this the new Mazda6 saloon?

The concept car believed to strongly hint at a next-generation Mazda6 will appear at the Geneva Motor Show, the biggest event of its kind in Europe, from 7 March.

UK new car buyers will have to wait a little longer to see the concept car in the metal but Mazda has released some new images of the car it has christened ‘Takeri’.

The Takeri concept car comes with the usual grandiose ‘design theme’ name – in this case it is ‘Soul of Motion’ – and an attractive design.

This includes a highly stylised grille whose chrome trim extends to the narrow headlamps. The wave-like lines extend from the bonnet over the wheel arches and across the flanks of the sporty-looking car.

Despite its saloon shape, the Takeri comes with a panoramic windscreen and almost coupe-like roofline, dipping drastically towards the rear in.

Thin, concept car wing mirrors and large, alloy-clad wheels are not expected to make it into a production version and the four-seat configuration inside would have to be extended to seat five to compete in the executive market.

However, the car does show Mazda is looking at replacing the popular Mazda6 saloon, a car which was the subject of a recent upgrade to make it more appealing for business buyers in the shape of the Mazda6 Business Line.

Mazda has even looked at potential power options for the car and will opt for its new ‘Skyactiv’ technology to reduce emissions and boost fuel economy over the current Mazda6 saloon.

This means lighter, more fuel efficient Skyactiv petrol and diesel engines will be used alongside Skyactiv gearboxes and lightweight materials used in the build process.

A full production version Mazda6 saloon is expected to be revealed towards the end of 2012. Meanwhile, the current Mazda6 saloon is on sale now at UK Mazda dealerships.