Kia reveals stunning two-seat Soul concept

The new Kia Track’ster is a new take on the Kia Soul with a lower roofline than the boxy MPV version, just two seats inside, a powerful new engine and more aggressive design.

Kia describes its design influence as a ‘tough-looking’ bulldog and includes more sculpted wheel arches, an extra air intake at the front hinting at more power and a lower, road-hugging stance.

The rear doors have been discarded to be replaced by racing-inspired front doors and the rear seats make way for a bench capable of holding essentials such as a racing helmet, tools and a spare tyre.

This is all to accommodate a 2.0-litre petrol engine returning 250hp – two-thirds more than the current range-topping engine for the four-seat Kia Soul.

If that does not point to Kia’s new direction for the Soul, sports seats, eye-catching alloy wheels and performance tyres give more hints towards a sporty, performance-led design.

Revealed at the Chicago Motor Show this week, a design is all the Kia Track’ster is at the moment. However, it comes from the same Californian design studio as the Kia Soul convertible, a car originally released as a concept but is soon to become production reality because of the positive reaction to the body style.

This is all points at a possible third body style in the Kia Soul range. If the performance coupe does arrive, it is sure to come with some of the colour options offered on the concept.

However, those getting carried away with the thought of a new model to complement the current Kia Soul range have had their dreams dampened slightly.

Tom Kearns, Chief Designer for KMA “Concept cars are icing on the cake. They allow KMA’s design team to dream about what could be. Whether that dream becomes a reality or not is a separate question.”

While Kia makes up its mind, the current, four-seat Kia Soul hatchback is on sale now from £11,745 from UK Kia dealerships such as Perrys Kia in Burnley, Perrys Kia in Preston and Perrys Kia in Rotherham.