Is Kia lining up a hot hatch Soul?

Is a hot hatch based on the opinion-splitting Kia Soul on its way in the UK? The latest news to come out of Kia suggests it is an idea which has at the very least been broached within Kia design studios.

It may be wishful thinking on our part but with the likes of the Nissan Juke R taking on supercars with a 0-62mph time of under four seconds it is not so difficult to believe Kia could consider a sportier version of its quirky MPV.

A recent concept produced by the design studio where the stylish Soul originated is a vague sketch showing a sportier hot hatch with a power output of 250bhp, sporty alloy wheels, coupe-like roof and a definite hot hatch feel to it.

While Kia is keen to stress the Kia ‘Trackster’ is purely a concept, the Californian design studio responsible has a track record – its convertible take on the Kia Soul launched as a concept is currently being considered for full production by Kia.

The South Korean brand is no stranger to tinkering with the boxy-but-stylish Kia Soul. The quirky, modern design lends itself perfectly to a higher level of customisation than any other Kia car.

This is most evident in the fun ‘Kia Soul Original’ special editions, which boast names such as Kia Soul Hunter and Kia Soul Quantum.

All come with unique colours, eye-catching interiors and a level of equipment and options designed to create a stylish theme running throughout the car.

Matched with the tagline ‘A different shape’, the Kia Soul is clearly the car Kia likes to have fun with. Practicality, low running costs (and a superb seven-year warranty) and a certain sense of not taking itself too seriously means Kia could consider a sportier version.

A 250bhp petrol engine has been mooted by Kia for a potential hot hatch. While this is half the power of the over-the-top Juke R, it should be enough to provide thrills from the compact MPV.

Kia says there are no plans to build the Kia Soul Trackster so far but we’re not giving up hope the car will be livening up Kia showrooms in future to complement what is fast becoming one of the most impressive and versatile range of cars in the UK.