Mazda targets BMW with new CX-5

Peter Allibon, sales director for Mazda UK, says its eco-friendly Skyactiv technology, which includes greener engines and transmissions for the compact SUV, will be aimed at the German car maker.

“BMW’s Efficient Dynamics is the closest to our Skyactiv technology but customers pay a premium for an Efficient Dynamics derivative over the standard car”.

He says the difference in price between the Mazda CX-5 and BMW’s low-CO2 models such as BMW X3 will put the CX-5 ahead of BMW in the minds of car buyers.

He added: “Everyone can drive an environmentally friendly car, not just those who are prepared to pay the price premium charged by other brands. That is a good marketing position for our dealers”.

The new Skyactiv technology is not an add-on package or additional feature to the Mazda models, it is part of production process for the cars and therefore it doesn’t affect residual value in the same way equipment packages or style upgrades do.

Allibon added: ‘residual values are expected to be strong adding to the fleet appeal for Mazda’s sixth generation of vehicles’.

It is safe to say that Mazda are expecting its Skyactiv technology to take on BMW’s Efficient Dynamics, and are focusing on things like affordability.

With eco-technology in place, BMW’s X3 model achieves emissions of 149g/km and the comparable Mazda CX-5 achieves sub 120g/km emissions.

With a price tag expected to be well below the BMW model, Mazda will boast one of the greenest compact SUVs on the market when it goes on sale in the UK.