2012 World Car of the Year: the nominees

The top ten nominees for the World Car of the Year award, now in its eighth year, have been announced and it is going to a tough competition with models like the Range Rover Evoque looking to steal the limelight.

The winner of the World Car of the Year award will be decided by a jury of 66 distinguished international automotive journalists who will be rating each vehicle on things like value, safety, environmental responsibility and emotional appeal. The top three nominees will be announced March 6th 2012.

But neither of the shortlisted nominees will cruise to victory as there is a range of segment competition with the likes of the Citroen DS5, Ford Focus, Chevrolet Volt and Range Rover Evoque looking to come out on top.

As each model offers different qualities the awards won’t be easy. Family cars like the DS5 and Focus will be hoping to attract the attention of the judges by balancing practical family compatibility with luxurious interiors.

The Focus in particular will have an edge in terms of price as its low £13,995 price tag should give make it stand out amongst pricier models. However, in terms of premium feel the DS5 and Evoque win by a nose as they offer things like leather interiors and loads of useful gadgets.

Other models like the Vauxhall Ampera may also creep into the top three as it offers distinctively different features like a hybrid engine which delivers impressively low CO2 emissions of just 40g/km.

The toughest part of the judging process will be the fact that all of the top ten nominees offer universal qualities like practicality, style and value for money. So you can expect the last ten to be a closely fought thing.