Ford is the UK’s favourite car brand

Car buyers rate Ford as one of the best car makers in the UK in terms of safety, quality, value and performance, according to a new survey.

A brand perception survey designed to show buyers’ confidence in car makers gave Ford the second-highest score (after Toyota) for 2011.

Ford was named in the top three best car makers in individual votes for safety, quality, value, performance, green credentials and technology – the only car maker to do so.

The ranking was decided by counting the number of times the brand was mentioned as ‘exemplary’ across all seven categories.

Ford excelled in the safety category where it was only beaten by Volvo. However, new models such as the new Ford Focus also helped it finish ahead of several premium manufacturers in the technology and innovation category.

The new 2011 Ford Focus comes with more equipment than ever before including a voice recognition system, self-parking system and safety kit such as blind spot information system.

The popularity of the Ford Focus and the continued success of the new Ford Fiesta, the UK’s best-selling car of 2011, ensured Ford stayed top of the value category for the second year in a row.

The survey, which is based in the US, also puts Chevrolet into the top five overall brands in the terms of brand perception, an indication of its popularity in the US.

Respondents to the survey believed safety was the most important factor to consider when buying a new car, closely followed by quality and value respectively.

Surprisingly, environmental friendliness was only seen as the fifth most important attribute of a new car despite its effect on running costs.

Ford’s full range of new cars, including the new Ford Focus and the Ford Fiesta, are available from Perrys Ford dealerships.