Peter Pan cars get buyers hooked

Cars also have the ability to stay young for longer and some new cars are even less likely to break down than a brand new car.

Insurance expert Warranty Direct says a 1997-2003 used Jaguar XJ is often more reliable than newer luxury saloons and offers better value for used car buyers than a new car.

Warranty Direct managing director, Duncan McClure Fisher, believes buying a new car ‘isn’t always the most cost-effective route’, with the Jaguar as the best example.

He explained: “Our analysis shows that new doesn’t necessarily mean more reliable. We also found that repair costs are often higher for new models so, as well as paying over the odds for a new car, you may also be opening yourself up to additional, unwanted costs.”

Comparing the car to fictional character Peter Pan, Warranty Direct has released a list of cars most likely to avoid breakdowns ten years after they first went on sale.

While premium car makers such as Jaguar are well-known for build quality and reliability, it is surprising to see some more affordable cars on the list.

The Vauxhall Zafira built between 1999 and 2005 has just a 27 per cent chance of a failure – lower than all but two other ten-year-old cars – while the used Ford Fiesta was named as the most reliable care with a failure rate of just 11 per cent.

The data is based on 50,000 policies and claims of British drivers and shows buying new is not always the cheapest option.

The cars named on the ‘age-defying’ car list show many are more reliable than their successors. For example, a used Renault Espace is 11 per cent more reliable than those built after 2002, says the survey.

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