New Ford B-Max arrives on Facebook

It’s always a sign a new car is about to arrive when the manufacturer sets up the compulsory Facebook page.

The latest to do so is Ford, whose new Ford B-Max is set to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March prior to a UK launch this year.

The Ford B-Max is an all-new model for Ford. Replacing the slow-selling Ford Fusion, the Ford B-Max is based on the same platform as the excellent Ford Fiesta hatchback.

This is obvious in the front end design and compact dimensions of the new car, but it does come with a twist.

The Ford B-Max is actually a compact MPV. Despite its size it is capable of seating five in comfort and comes with a boxier interior to accommodate more space.

It also adds clever sliding doors for easier access to the rear passenger seats and the absence of a B-pillar – the pillar usually found between the front and rear doors – give the cabin an airier feel and increases visibility.

Expected to take on the likes of the Vauxhall Meriva, a five-seater which goes for the unusual option of rear-opening rear passenger doors, the full production B-Max will make its debut a year after the concept was first unveiled at Geneva 2011.

We were there to see the new Ford B-Max and it is safe to say it drew a lot of interest:

The Ford B-Max will enter a growing market in the UK as people turn towards smaller, but still practical, cars.

Expect engines similar to the frugal petrol and diesels offered in the Ford Fiesta when the Ford B-Max launch date nears, but prices will be slightly higher than its hatchback sibling.

The full Ford B-Max reveal will take place in March at the Geneva Motor Show, but until then you can enjoy these images of the concept, taken at its launch last year in the same city.