Renault Twizy orders open in February

Renault’s newest electric car, the stripped-down, two-seat Twizy, will be open to orders next week.

The new Twizy model is a whole new approach for the French manufacturer as it is a full electric vehicle, but it’s not a car.

The Twizy is Renault’s new zero emissions two-seat quadricycle, which Renault hopes will attract buyers who want a cheap and practical way to get around the city.

As the Twizy is not technically a car drivers do not need to pay road tax, which ultimately means it is cheaper to buy.

Meanwhile, an electric powertrain means it is charged from electric chargers, avoiding spiralling petrol costs.

The Twizy is ideal for city driving as its compact size means it can bypass traffic and fit into tight parking spaces, plus the fact that it travels up to 60miles on one charge, perfect travel limit for nipping to work or to the shops.

There are three trim levels with the new Twizy; Urban, Colour and Technic. Standard equipment include 13″ wheels, two gloveboxes, Z.E on-board computer and heated tinted windscreen.

Exterior bonus features of the Colour trim include an array of coloured panels for the side and roof, as well as diamond-effect alloy wheels.

Although the Twizy may look a little frail it comes with an extensive range of safety equipment, including a three-point seatbelt in the front with additional lateral restraint, three-point seatbelt in the rear, front airbag and steering lock.

The new Renault Twizy is available to order from February and it will be arriving in dealerships from April. Prices start from £6,690.

Renault vehicles are available from Perry’s Aylesbury dealership.