The new 2012 Fiat Panda advert


Fiat’s new Panda city car is soon to hit the market and in order to increase its notability Fiat has released a new advert, though it’s not exactly what you would expect.

When you think of adverts, specifically car adverts, you expect 60 seconds or so of the car driving round corners and basically looking as good as it can.

This new Panda advert does have those typical elements; however, Fiat has taken more of an emotive approach at boosting the cars reputation by focusing on the origins of what a Fiat is.

As Fiat is an Italian manufacturer the advert is in Italian with English subtitles (makes sense). In terms of origins, the advert focuses on elements of Italy and its culture. This includes references to the likes of art and theatre, technology, industry and the future of its young Italian citizens.

It also mentions the imposition of certain stereotypes, in this case the idea that Italy is renowned for its cuisine like pasta, and nothing else. Then it makes the point that Italy is more than that and can prove itself, in this case it can prove itself in the automotive industry.

As these references are being made there are many images on the screen including artistry, space exhibitions and the people of Italy.

Nearer the end of the advert there are images of the Fiat factory and the cars being produced with words like ‘passion’, ‘creativity’ and ‘the desire to produce’ following.

As we see the Fiat Panda in motion “The things we make, make us” is shown, and then as it comes to a stop it says “New Fiat Panda, this is the Italy we like”.

Throughout the entire advert Fiat is making the point that it has the ability to compete with the best and will not be held back by stereotypes. Every aspect of Italian culture contributes to the innovation of the new Panda model, and any other Fiat model for that matter.

Fiat can and will prove itself by taking on the city car market with its new Panda model.

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