Revealed: the success of Peugeot Just Add Fuel

The ‘Just Add Fuel’ campaign was launched by Peugeot two years ago as an alternative to schemes such as Citroen’s free fuel for a year offer and Vauxhall’s ‘lifetime warranty’.

Peugeot has now credited the campaign for around 16 per cent of Peugeot’s sales since its launch as car buyers move towards what Peugeot says is a simpler, more cost-effective ways of running a car.

As well as the campaign bringing in more customers, some 62 per cent of these customers are new to the brand and many are young buyers. With new buyers coming to the brand the average age of a new Peugeot buyer has fallen from 52 to 42.

The increase in popularity in the young buyers market isn’t just a coincidence. The campaign offers motorists a cheaper and easier alterative to monthly costs by compiling their monthly bill into one package, which includes the likes of comprehensive insurance, vehicle servicing, roadside assistance and three-year warranty finance package.

Peugeot hoped the campaign would entice buyers who did not have the time or inclination to spend a day calling insurance companies and finding their own finance to pay for a new car.

The scheme includes a deposit, usually around £1,500, and a monthly lease payment which, on a 207 for example, is around £179.

The Just Add Fuel campaign also means costs are set for a period of time, ensuring insurance and residual prices are not an issue.

The Just Add Fuel campaign is set to be given more exposure and publicity as Peugeot launches its new ‘Drive Away Happy’ advertisement campaign this week.

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