Citroen DS5 test drives close

The first public test drives of the large, five-door Citroen DS5 will take part in the South of France at the end of this month as part of a Facebook competition.

However, customers will soon be able to get behind the wheel of the third car in Citroen’s new, premium-feel DS Line in UK dealerships in the next few months.

Citroen has revealed the car’s ‘strapline’ will be ‘The Refined, Redefined’, indicating it is pitching the new Citroen DS5 as a comfortable cruiser with a green twist.

This means it will be popular with both families who will enjoy the larger dimensions of the car, sporty design and practical hatchback, while business and executive users will be targeted with a high level of specification and interior comfort.

Bigger than the Citroen C5, the Citroen DS5 has a revamped interior based, says Citroen, on an aeroplane cockpit and in keeping with the DS3 supermini and DS4 hatchback, more premium materials than Citroen’s standard car range.

However, the main talking point on the new Citroen DS5 will be its engine setup, which brings together a diesel engine and an electric motor for the first time.

The diesel-electric hybrid system is the first of its kind in the UK and helps to lower fuel consumption to small hatchback levels in the large car.

The Citroen DS5 will deliver sub-100g/km of CO2 emissions and in the process qualify for free UK road tax while still delivering four-wheel drive thanks to the electric motor and diesel engine driving the rear and front wheels respectively.

Aimed at the more luxury end of the market, Citroen will launch the new Citroen DS5 in Citroen dealerships early in 2012.

For more information on the Facebook competition to win a Citroen DS5 test drive, visit the Citroen Facebook page.