Motorists waste a year’s fuel in traffic jams

The average driver will waste 58 weeks of their life stuck in relentless traffic jams to and from work according to the study.

Statistically this means drivers spend 12 minutes of the average 41 minutes round trip to work in traffic, which all adds up over the course of a lifetime – and with more cars on the roads, this is set to get worse.

Tim Bailey, head of safety at Continental Tyres said: “People are clearly concerned about congestion and rising fuel costs, but using the car remains the preferred option for most.

“With 63 per cent of workers using their car on at least four of five days in the working week, planners and government need to recognise that the morning and evening rush-hour is going to be a feature of life in Britain for some time to come”.

However, systems such stop-start could be the answer to the costly, fuel-sapping problem, if recent trends in the automotive industry are anything to go by.

Stop-start systems can help reduce emissions and cut costs by kicking in when are car is idling in traffic.

The system will cut off the engine when the car is stationary and instantly restart it when the accelerator is pressed.

As these systems are growing increasingly popular they are growing more and more common as standard or optional features on new models (especially hybrid cars), such as the Citroen DS5 and Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4.

However, even standard Citroen and Peugeot cars are receiving e-HDi systems, known as micro-hybrids, which use an ‘e-booster’ to improve efficiency in stop-start systems and cut restart times in conventional diesel cars.