Citroen’s new C1 city car

The new Citroen C1 boasts new style and better CO2 emissions than the last C1 edition. The French manufacturer has evidently focused on the core elements of what a city car is with the new C1 model, which are style, practicality and low emissions.

The new C1’s engine is a three-cylinder petrol which emits CO2 emission of just 99g/km and returns an impressive mileage of 65.7mpg. These sub 100g/km mean that the new C1 is exempt from congestion charge which means less costs for customers.

Its new 65.7mpg is an impressive figure for a petrol car and ensures the new compact hatchback will be the most efficient petrol car in the Citroen range once it arrives in the UK.

The new C1 has also undergone some exterior styling changes which give it a sportier appeal and essentially give it more of a younger car buyer’s market appeal, which are expected to bring in younger drivers to the brand.

These new styling changes build on top of the classic Citroen body language of rounded headlights and glass tailgate with a new shorter bonnet and front end. There are also new 14″alloy wheels and an array of new paint jobs: Scarlet red, Electra blue, Lipizzan white, Caldera black, Gallium grey and Carlinite grey.

However these new exterior styling changes do not mean the new C1 lacks in practicality as interior storage space ranges up to 139-700 litres. Also inside the C1 is a new CD audio system with Citroen’s integrated Connecting Box (Bluetooth system with USB socket). There is also a leather steering wheel and Mistral ‘Nokimat’ cloth as entry level upholstery.

The new Citroen C1 is on sale in the UK in April 2012 but prices have not yet been confirmed. Citroen vehicles are available from Perry’s Barnsley, Huddersfield and Milton Keynes dealerships.