New MOT for UK drivers

The Department for Transport has introduced extra checks in the MOT test from 1 January 2012 in keeping with European testing.

From 2012, if a car’s electronic parking brake or Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is not working the car will fail its MOT.

This will mostly affect newer cars with ESC fitted but the technology, which aids grip and prevents rollovers, is fitted to the majority of new cars in the UK and is expected to become mandatory in future.

Warning lights, electric wiring and tyre pressure monitoring systems will also be included in the new MOT test from 2012 as well as seat adjustment, door hinges and towbars.

The new MOT will mean cars are safer than ever on UK roads but will also mean cars which previously would have passed despite defects to certain equipment will now fail the annual MOT.

However, motorists will get a three month period where drivers will be notified of defective systems but will not fail the MOT as a form of ‘bedding in’ period.

After three months, drivers will face repair bills for any electronic safety and warning systems which are not working on the car.

With drivers facing a tougher MOT, drivers are being advised to get their car serviced regularly at a Perrys dealership to avoid large repair bills in future.

Perrys is currently offering a free MOT with a manufacturer’s service for a limited time. Customers are advised to contact their nearest Perrys dealer for more details on the offer.