Renault scaps models to focus on new Clio

From February 2012 Renault will stop producing its Laguna hatch, Grand Espace, Modus Grand Modus and Kangoo models.

However, new models to join the Renault range include the Fluence ZE electric car and the fourth generation Renault Clio, as well as a Clio crossover in 2013. These new additions will take the old models places and present a more stylish and frugal Renault.

But it’s not just new production models that are inspiring a new Renault image as its concept cars, the Captur and R-Space, have already made an impact in terms of design.

Although the new Clio crossover isn’t out until 2013 its design has been influenced by the Captur concept car.

This shows us that Renault’s concept cars, although they may not be production models, may be hinting at design and technology ideas for future models.

This new crossover may mean that Renault will have a different approach in terms of market segments compared to what it is now. At the moment Renault focus more on the likes of the supermini segment with its Micra model as well as the family car segment with the Scenic.

But with more and more manufacturers bringing out crossover models that are stealing the market Renault has planned a crossover to challenge the market competitors.

This is also reflected in its Fluence ZE as electric cars are a becoming a big part of the market, especially when it comes 2012.

Renault will also challenge the market with its new Renault 4+ warranty which is a four-year/100,000-mile warranty with four years’ free roadside assistance and servicing plus the option of four years of zero per cent finance.

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