Chevrolet’s new Facebook app competition

Chevrolet’s new ‘Make it Happen’ Facebook application competition will make fans dreams come true say Chevrolet.

As many Facebook users know events are an important feature of the social media site and help inform friends and family with the likes of days out, birthday parties and many other things.

With Christmas around the corner it is the perfect time to track down a long lost friend or family member and maybe even arrange a day out with them.

Chevrolet’s new ‘Make it Happen’ app much like an event on Facebook; you simply suggest an activity like going the cinema, select a time and date and then drag and drop the friends you would like to attend.

Chevrolet will then choose a winner out of all its fans that enter and if you are picked Chevrolet will fund your event by giving you £1,000 towards the cost of the day.

Wayne Brannon, President of Chevrolet Europe said: “Whether you’ve always wanted to re-connect with long lost school friends, help someone celebrate a significant birthday like we have this year, or re-connect with a family member you haven’t seen for years – Chevrolet will make it happen”.

The ‘Make it Happen’ app is available for fans in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Turkey. This new competition will support the market introduction of seven new cars in 2011.

Chevrolet vehicles are available from Perrys in Dover and Perrys in Rotherham.