Best car features for winter

With harsher weather approaching it is important to be prepared on the road in terms of safety and reliability.

There are many different features that can help you in the winter months, ranging from interior technology to road side assistance and possibly most importantly winter tyres.

Below is a list of some of the most important and useful features for your car this winter:

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are probably the most popular winter modification to your car offering better grip and handling on the road.

They are statistically proven to help with cornering and especially stopping distance, of which they can improve by five metres if travelling at 60mph.

Most manufacturers offer winter tyre options such as Vauxhall and Peugeot. Also, some manufacturers offer storage for your summer tyres so they are not hanging round the house or garage.

Four-wheel drive system

Four-wheel-drive vehicles can prove extremely useful on icy roads. The combination of winter tyres and a four-wheel-drive vehicle will definitely bring results.

Vehicles that offer four-wheel-drive as standard include the Vauxhall Antara and the Kia Sportage.

As well as helping with the likes of hills and emergency stops four-wheel-drive can also help with simple things like getting your car going because as many car owners know, sometimes you can be parked in the snow and just wheel spin.

Satellite navigation

Sat nav is a great reassurance to have in the winter months, especially if there is a chance you could get stuck somewhere you don’t know too well.

It is also a great bonus to have when looking for things like petrol stations or even shops as the Christmas holiday nears.

Sat nav is becoming much more available nowadays as many models have it as standard. There are loads of models that offer sat nav as standard now, the Jaguar XJ being one of them.

Road side assistance

Nobody wants to be stranded on a dark country road or on the hard shoulder of the motorway, especially in winter, so having road reliable road side assistance is reassuring.

Depending on manufacturer road side assistance can come in many different deals. Some manufacturers supply you with spare parts on the spot and will fix it there and then, and some will give you a temporary courtesy car while yours is being fixed.

One of the most impressive road side assistance warranties is Renault’s new Fluence. This comes with the usual ‘we will help you at the side of the road’ perk, but if you are on a particularly long distance trip Renault will supply you with overnight accommodation.

Security systems

Things like alarm systems are without a doubt useful, but recently these have been rendered obsolete as thieves have been using a new radio frequency tool to prevent you from locking your can using your keyless entry tool, which is a well-used locking system now.

If thieves do this they can then browse your car when you have left without you even knowing it isn’t locked.

However, Ford has battled this new criminal technique with its own Ford frequency blocking system which stops thieves from doing this. This can make you feel a bit safer, especially if you have something of particular value in the car this winter, like Christmas presents.