Fiat ahead of the pack with emissions

With road transport responsible for 17.5 % of all greenhouse gases, it is essential that vehicles try to keep their emissions as low as possible, which is where Fiat comes to the fore.

As part of a climate change summit the EU outlined its plans to lower CO2 emissions across the automotive industry and set an emissions average for each manufacturer which is compiled of every vehicle in its range. This average prevents a manufacturer from having just one frugal vehicle and the rest highly polluting.

Fiat came out on top in 2010 with average emissions of just 125g/km and it’s well on its way to improving its emissions to meet its more-difficult 2015 target.

But what are Fiat’s most efficient vehicles?

One of the most impressive vehicles in terms of emissions and econmy is Fiat’s 500 TwinAir model. It offers a 0.9-litre petrol two-cylinder engine that delivers CO2 emissions of just 95g/km and returns 68.9mpg.

Another impressive Fiat model is the Panda which delivers CO2 emissions of just 113g/km and returns mileage of 70mpg from a 1.2-litre engine.

The economical nature of these vehicles is also important as they are considered city cars by the manufacturer where getting stuck in city traffic demands a frugal engine.

As well as the 500 and the Panda producing leading emissions figures, things like interior quality and drive do not suffer at the hands of economy. This is reflected in the 500’s sporty appeal and the Panda’s comfy interior.

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