Seat’s green cars go global

The Spanish manufacturer, best known for its sporty hatchback models such as the Seat Leon Cupra R, has agreed to supply cars from its environmentally-friendly Ecomotive range to Camps International, a gap year specialist.

Cars such as the Seat Ibiza supermini and the Seat Leon will be used as far afield as East Africa, South East Asia and Latin America to cart volunteers to places across the globe.

The models chosen by the company are E Ecomotive versions of Seat’s two most popular cars. The eco-signature identifies the cars which emit the least CO2 emissions per kilometre in the range.

In the case of the Seat Ibiza E Ecomotive, this CO2 emissions are the lowest in the entire Seat line up. The E Ecomotive uses a small diesel engine to deliver CO2 emissions of 92g/km.

In the UK, this would mean free road tax and fuel economy of 80.7mpg. Meanwhile, the Seat Leon E Ecomotive also delivers CO2 emissions below 100g/km.

Sally Livingstone-Dennis, Seat UK National Fleet Sales Manager, said: “Seat’s range of Ecomotive models are proving increasingly popular with business car users, fleet operators and private motorists. And it’s easy to see why.

“All the models in the range offer exceptional fuel economy which is a crucial consideration given that fuel costs always seem to be rising. But, despite this economy, Ecomotive drivers sacrifice nothing in terms of comfort, convenience or driving enjoyment.”

The Seat Ibiza E Ecomotive and the Seat Leon E Ecomotive, as well as other Ecomotive Seat cars, are available from UK Seat dealerships now.