Kia Picanto advert in top ten

Everybody loves a good advert, whether it’s informative, interesting or damn right hilarious.

Maybe that’s why Kia’s Picanto has made it into the top ten YouTube adverts for 2011. This top ten isn’t just for car adverts though, it includes every advert on YouTube and still the Picanto advert made the top ten.

The Picanto advert has received over 1,306,313 views so far. The reason it has received such a good reception may be because it really does tick all of the boxes, Information on its seven year warranty as well as website details (tick), a very interesting display of a cat which you can’t look away from (tick) and the added comedy of a tree swinging feline (tick).

Commenting on the whole results Dara Nasr, industry head of display for YouTube UK, said: “Advertisers are increasingly taking advantage of the social nature of online video by creating ads that are likely to be shared, liked and commented on.”

In terms of ‘social nature’ the Picanto video has the kind of qualities that may attract the likes of young viewers who use social media for example. This appeal is very important for the Kia Picanto as it is a city car and young buyers are a big part of its market segment.