Ford’s blasts from the past

Ford is a classic manufacturer that has been going for years and years.

From its supermini Fiesta to its record breaking Transit van, Ford is without a doubt a popular brand both in the UK and across the world.

Ford has been delving into its archives and pulling out some of its old images from the past. Ford has been doing this throughout the year to celebrate its 100 year anniversary in the UK market and as it nears the end of the year, we have picked some of the best images.

Ford is always developing as a company in terms of style and innovation and this blog will show some of the ‘blasts from the past’ in terms of Ford and its long running lifespan.

Ford and its concepts

There are more and more concepts coming out nowadays with the likes of new Ford Focus models and new ways of showing them off, whether it’s through computers or giant clay prototypes. This image from 1957 shows how Ford workers used to sketch new concept ideas as opposed to computerise them as we do today.

Factory work

This image shows the Ford Dagenham factory back in 1929 when it produced its first vehicle, the Model AA truck. With this image it is clear to see that factories back in the 1920’s where nowhere near as efficiently well equipped as they are today. Efficiency nowadays is a must have as models like the Ford Fiesta grow in popularity. In today’s Dagenham factory a new engine is produced every 24 seconds, now that’s efficiency.

Ford Transit

The Ford Transit Van has been the best selling van for 46 years running, which isn’t just chance. Its convenience and practicality is what makes it award winningly popular with both retail and business customers. This image taken in 2005 and just goes to show how popular the Ford Transit really is.

Ford’s classic style

This image shows a race at the Le Mans 24 Hours race in 1966 with Ford GT40’s pictured. These cars display timeless stylish racing designs of which Ford still incorporate today in the likes of its new Ford GT models. Many other models such as the Ford Fiesta have also kept a timeless deign.

Ford Police cars

Pictured is the classic Ford Anglia Police car from the 1960’s. This trend of Ford being used for Police cars is still alive today as the Ford Focus models are still popular for Police use. The Police opt for Ford because of its reliability and great handling on the road, which is a bonus if you’re going after bad guys.

The Ford Cortina (our favourite)

This is a classic image of the Ford Cortina stuck to the face of a billboard. The Ford Cortina was originally released in 1962 and has earned its popular reputation by appearing in the likes of The Sweeney and The Avengers.

This has to be our favourite classic Ford image – and a great advert for the adhesive being used to stick the car to the billboard.