New 2012 Renault Twingo nears launch

Renault will update the next generation Twingo, the smallest car in its range, for 2012 and Perrys in Aylesbury is preparing for the new model.

The new Twingo is a revamped version of the previous model and will deliver better emissions and a new exterior design.

The new Twingo will be the first to feature Renault’s new front end design of which Renault’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Design described as ‘seductive’. The new design incorporates a larger and wider front grille and a larger Renault badge in the centre.

The new Renault Twingo comes with new and more economic engines include a 1.5-litre diesel which delivers impressive CO2 figures of just 85g/km. This figure will prove beneficial for owners as it will mean they are exempt from the London congestion charge and general road tax.

The Twingo is highly customisable, which is reflected in its range of exterior paints and trims. Its customisable qualities are very important as it is a city car and aimed at a large portion of the young car driver market.

The Twingo is available with a range of new colours called Fuchsia, Bermuda Blue and Sirius Yellow, which will be added to the 11 colours already available.

Other stylish features include a fabric convertible roof and interior trim with equipment levels, each trim different and unique. For example, these trim levels include things like colour trims around air vents on the dashboard.

“Our aim was to reinforce the fun, colourful and friendly character of Twingo, in particular by working on the range of colours and materials”, said Antoine Genin, Director of Interior Design, Colours & Materials at Renault.

These trim levels give the Twingo a sense what Genin describes as ‘distinctive personalisation’, which is essential in a city car.

Upon its release the new Renault Twingo will be available from Perry’s Aylesbury dealership.