Vauxhall winter tyres

Vauxhall Masterfit centres across the UK have stocked Vauxhall winter tyres in a variety of sizes to fit all Vauxhall cars from the small Vauxhall Corsa to the new, seven-seat Vauxhall Zafira Tourer.

Winter tyres start from £45.60 but for those who are not expected large amounts of snow, Vauxhall also stocks a more versatile and cheaper alternative to winter tyres.

Vauxhall snow socks are fabric covers that can be placed over a tyre to provide more grip in wintery weather.

Priced from £50, Vauxhall snow socks are reusable and can be stored in the car until they are needed. They can be used at low speeds – the only recommended way to drive in winter – and for short distances to improve breaking distances.

“All our Winter products and accessories are designed to give Vauxhall owners outstanding value as well as the peace of mind that their vehicle is ready to face the harsh winter months,” said Belinda Craik, Vauxhall Service Channel manager.

The UK is seeing a surge in interest for winter car accessories because of two consecutive winters of snowy and icy weather.

Winter tyres are compulsory in many European countries but they are not in the UK. However, the advantages of winter tyres are widely reported.

In temperatures below seven degrees Celsius, winter tyres do not harden as much as normal tyres and as a result offer better grip on slippery roads. They also have deeper treads to prevent aquaplaning in wet weather.

Vauxhall Mastefit centres across the UK, including Perrys Vauxhall dealerships, currently stock Vauxhall winter tyres and snow socks.