Ford stops Christmas criminals with new cracking security feature

Around the Christmas holidays theft isn’t exactly an un-known occurrence, with many thieves homing in on driver’s car possessions when they are shopping.

According to the British Crime Survey 2010/2011 well over a million British car owners were victims of car crime with 70 per cent suffering thefts of goods from the car with an average value of £202.

“Winter, and the festive season in particular, can be a lucrative period for both organised car criminals and opportunist thieves,” says Simon Hurr, vehicle security specialist, Ford of Europe.

Criminals can deploy a signal jammer that operates on the same frequency as vehicle locking systems – meaning they can prevent cars from being locked as the owner walks away from their car, believing it to be locked. This leaves the way open for thieves to rifle around the vehicle at their own leisure.

Ford has been working with police agencies to tackle this problem and develop a multi-locking system and volume-sensing alarm.

This new system works alongside the keyless entry feature that is available with many Ford models including the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, C-MAX, S-MAX, Mondeo and Galaxy.

If the locking signal is jammed, the system can detect it and resends the locking command at a different frequency.

Additionally a Thatcham Category 1 alarm sets off a high-volume warning if an intruder reaches through a window that has been left open.

Hurr added: “Working with the police to analyse trends in car crime and the methods used by criminals, enables us to develop ways to prevent thieves from spoiling what should be the happiest time of year for Ford owners.”

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