Ford Kuga retains resale value

In a study based on three year old/37,000 mile cars by the used car expert Glass Guide the Ford Kuga has been revealed as the second best car for residual value after the more off-road-oriented Toyota Land Cruiser.

According to the data, a three year old used Ford Kuga keeps 71.6 per cent of its original price after depreciation has been taken into account.

The residual value of a car pretty much depends on what type of car it is, how many of them there are, and how popular they are in the market as well as individual aspects such as specification and mileage.

The 4×4 Ford Kuga has had lots of retail interest which has out outweighed its supply. This means that when it comes to selling a Ford Kuga its residual, or ‘resale’, value will be very high because of its desirability to customers.

One of the main reasons for the Ford Kuga’s popularity is due to the increasingly tough weather conditions over the last two years, which therefore has resulted in motorists wanting more powerful and all-terrain types of vehicles.

This rise is residual value due to bad weather conditions should theoretically continue until at least February next year.

But it’s not only road functionality that effects residual value, as the likes of image, improved economy and high driving position also have an influential effect on a customer’s vehicle choice. All of these factors correspond with the Ford Kuga’s specification.

Ford vehicles are available from Perry’s Aylesbury and High Wycombe dealerships. Prices for the Ford Kuga £21,645.