Best Christmas gifts for a car fanatic

Stuck for a gift for a car lover in your life? The following list should be of use to you as the days between now and Christmas run out.

From practical products such as a premium car cleaning kit to more off-the-wall presents (Land Rover bikes anyone?) this list should help you choose that ideal gift for the petrolhead.

For more ideals on Christmas gifts, pop in to your nearest Perrys Motors dealership for accessories and new car discounts for the ultimate Christmas gift.

Floor mats

Floor mats are perfect for those who are into their off-road driving, or maybe even those who just like their car to be a little cleaner.

With floor mats things like mud and dirt can be stopping from spreading to the rest of your car. Rubber floor mats can also give better grip in the car, especially to the driver.

For example, if you know someone who owns a large off-roader like a Land Rover Defender rubber floor mats (around £90) will be great as they will give better grip when fighting those tough terrains.

Car cleaning kit

Here is one for the car owners who love to keep their automobile spick and span. These cleaning kits include loads of different products like Turtle wax, air con sanitizer and car gloss polish.

Products like this can be bought in bulk as a set, or can be bought as individual bottles and packets, whatever suits you best.

Products like this will help keep your car clean inside and out.

Hand Hoover

Here is another gift for someone who likes to keep a clean car. This small and convenient hand Hoover can be kept in the car for whenever you need it and can be powered through the cigarette lighter.

These Hoovers can be bought quite cheap everywhere. For example, they can be bought online at for about £20-£30.

DAB digital radio tuner

As digital radios are becoming standard on many cars some people get left in the dark without one. That’s where you can be their knight in shining armour and buy them a Dab radio tuner, which acts just like a normal digital radio.

Digital radios are great as they give you loads of channels that a normal radio cannot pickup. These DAB digital tuners can be bought for about £200-£300.

Satellite navigation

Sat Nav is always a nifty feature to have, especially for people who like to travel or regularly navigate the city.

Sat Nav’s can pull you out of tough situations, and with more electric cars hitting the roads such as the Peugeot iOn, pinpointing where your next charge point is can be a lifesaver.

TomTom satellite navigation systems can be bought for about £100.

Bikes and bike racks

Going for bike rides is a bit of a cliché, but is still a very popular activity, and i am sure each one of us either does it regularly ourselves, or knows someone who does.

If you know someone who is looking for a bike then you may want to consider buying them something like a Land Rover mountain bike (£259.99).

You may even want to consider buying them a Land Rover bike rack to go with it, so that they can take their bike wherever they see fit.

Jaguar track day

For those real driving fanatics why not book them a day round the track in a stylish Jaguar.

These track days range from driving the Jaguar XK to the Jaguar E type race car, which for car enthusiasts will be very enjoyable.

Prices range depending on what Jaguar model you choose to have a spin in, and what track you visit.

Stylish bits and bobs

These are for every driver who likes a bit of stylish street credit when behind the wheel.

These include the likes of Land Rover sunglasses (£29.00), Alfa Romeo silver cufflinks (£44.00) or even Jaguar driving gloves.

The list is endless with accessories, but if you give someone a little extra style, I’m sure it won’t go a miss.