Vauxhall targets Ampera price cuts

According to Vauxhall managing director Duncan Aldred, the next generation of the premium extended-range electric Ampera model will be cheaper.

“Technology always comes down in price as it is developed and volumes build,” says Aldred, explaining why the price of a second generation Ampera will be lower.

Aldred expects that current generation sales figures for the Ampera will be around 5,000 annually in the UK when the car is launched next year.

This 5,000 is out of the total volume of 280,000 Vauxhall cars and CV’s. Aldred then added “It’s a low volume target but representative of the newness of the product.

The Vauxhall Ampera is an extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV) which means the Ampera can run solely on electric power.

When this electric power runs out the 1.4-litre engine kicks in to re-charge the battery so that it can return to electric power. This means the Ampera will return 175mpg and CO2 emissions below 40g/km.

Although this car is not a pure electric car Aldred said that he still sees a place for a pure electric vehicle in the Vauxhall line up, particularly in cities.

Aldred added “We have to look at where best to spend our money in engineering terms. You have to be a specific sort of driver to want an EV. I particularly like GM’s RAK-e concept at the Frankfurt Show, it’s a smart little two seater which is ideal for getting around city streets.”

Prices for the Ampera start from £28,955.

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