The Best of the Tokyo Motor Show

Motor shows display all of the latest developments made by manufacturers. These include everything from those cars that will be appearing in UK showrooms to outlandish concept cars and design concepts.

The 2011 Tokyo Motor show boasts plenty of new cars, as well as a variation of new ideas for existing models. While the emphasis is on the Asian market, there are plenty of revelations for UK car buyers.

Here are some things that we as UK customers now know. Below is a top five of the best things showcased at the Tokyo Motor show this year:

Mazda6 will look a lot like Takari concept car

Usually when concept cars come out they are too good to be true. But with the Mazda Takeri, this is not the case as a new Mazda6 saloon could feature some of the fancy new features that were originally featured on Mazda’s Takari concept.

This includes things like technology that will give it better CO2 emissions. It will also feature the new stylish Kodo design language.

The Mazda6 comes out in 2013 and if it’s anything like the Takeri, it will be the best-looking car in the executive market.

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There’s a new Jaguar XF Estate

Good news for Jaguar enthusiasts as Jaguar announces a new model, the Sports Brake.

Although this new model takes on the name of the Sports Brake it is more likely to take on the name of the Jaguar XF saloon and be an estate option when it comes out in March 2012.

This new estate model means that Jaguar will be able to put up a fight in the estate segment against manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes.

The new Jaguar XF is available from £30,950.

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Renault Twizy ahead of rivals

The small city run around, the Renault Twizy, is going to have the head start in terms of sales and probably popularity as it is going on sale in March next year.

While Renault prepares to launch the compact electric mobility solution, its rivals are still at the concept stage in Tokyo.

This means it is on sale before the likes of Nissan’s city concept vehicle, which is pretty much still jumping around on the drawing board, as well as efforts from Suzuki and Honda.

The Renault Twizy is expected to arrive in 2012 and will be one of the cheapest electric cars on the market.

The Range Rover Evoque growing popularity

Even after the horrific events of a Tsunami where all business suffered, Land Rover has picked itself up and got back on track.

Its sales continued to fall in the months following the terrible Tsunami incident but are now the best they have been in the last three years in Japan.

In the UK, sales of the Evoque have reached 3,000 – the original allocation for 2011 – but more are expected to be sold next year. The Range Rover Evoque is available from £27,995.

The new Vauxhall Ampera will be cheaper

Vauxhall’s new economical next generation Ampera model will be cheaper than the current version, says Vauxhall managing director Duncan Aldred.

The Ampera, which is out in 2012 will be cheaper because of the lowering cost of technology as it develops and volume builds.

The Ampera is expected to return very impressive CO2 emissions of return 40g/km and mileage of 175mpg.

Prices for the Vauxhall Ampera start from £28,955.

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