Ford pushes defrosting tech on its cars

Ford has warned motorists they are facing points on their license if windscreens are not cleared properly in the winter months.

Car owners are also at risk of being penalized for leaving car unattended with the engine running to defrost.

Ford’s Quickclear technology it not new – it has been used for 26 years – but Ford says it offers a quick and simple solution to defrosting a windscreen.

Quickclear technology uses a mesh of very thin heating wires embedded between two layers of windscreen glass, which provides faster de-icing and de-fogging.

This technology can be activated by the push of a button and clears your windscreen in seconds. It is also more convenient than getting out and scraping ice of the windscreen yourself.

Stuart Southgate, Ford’s automotive safety office director, said: “Being able to clearly see where you are driving is perhaps the most obvious and basic safety requirement for motorists. Failing to take proper care to clear windscreens can have serious consequences not just for drivers, but for pedestrians and other road users too.”

This is important as one in 10 motorists confess to using hot water from a kettle to defrost their windscreen which can create problems. For more information on defrosting your car visit our Winter guide to looking after your car.

He added: “The feature allows the driver to clear the windscreen in a more convenient manner, and allows the driver to maintain a clear windscreen whilst on the go.”

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