Mazda’s new fuel saving brake system

Mazda’s new 10 per cent fuel saving system is called the i-ELOOP system and will begin to appear in Mazda vehicles from 2012. The name i-ELOOP is an adaptation of ‘Intelligent Energy Loop’, which represents Mazda’s intention to efficiently recycle energy in an intelligent way.

The i-ELOOP system works by converting the vehicle’s kinetic energy into electricity as the driver takes their foot off the accelerator and the car begins to decelerate. This electrical energy is then used to power the cars climate control, audio system and other electrical components within the car.

This system can store large amounts of electrical energy which can be charged and discharged rapidly.

Regenerative braking systems have featured on models before and are growing increasingly popular. But, the difference with the i-ELOOP system is that it doesn’t use an electric motor or battery, unlike other hybrid models that feature the regenerative braking system.

Combined with the Mazda’s already established i-stop technology the i-ELOOP system will not only reduce fuel economy by 10 per cent, but also increase the length of time that the engine can be shut off when idling.

These fuels saving system can then be used to maximise the efficiency of Mazda’s Skyactiv technology, which improves emissions with lightweight materials. This Skyactiv technology will feature on the 2012 Mazda CX-5 SUV mode.

The i-ElOOP system will be previewed at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show and will be debut in the Takeri concept car.

Mazda vehicles are available from Perry’s dealerships such as Barnsley, Blackburn and Huddersfield.