Seat reveals new electric car

Although it is only a prototype Seat has been displaying what it is capable of with its Altea XL model.

The Altea XL boasts a fully electrical yet surprisingly powerful engine which produces 115 hp (85 kW) and 270 Nm of torque. This engine delivers a top speed of 84mph.

Inside the Altea XL, which is based on the compact MPV currently on sale in the UK under the Altea name, there is plenty of room for passengers and a generous sized boot. Other interior features include a new climate control system which does not require energy from the battery pack.

This new system uses rooftop photovoltaic cells which lets fresh air into the car if the interior needs cooling down instead of battery-powered air conditioning.

Another energy saving function of the Altea XL is a new regeneration system with adjustable braking torque designed to ensure an optimal energy use.

Dr Matthias Rabe, Seat executive vice-president for R&D, said: “Seat has its electric future assured. With the electric Altea XL we are showing just how mature our technology is.

“The electric Altea XL was an intentionally studied choice for the first fleet. It will enable us to experiment with a wide variety of uses.”

The Seat Altea XL will have hefty competition when it comes to the electric car market with many manufacturers preparing electric cars including Renault with its Fluence and Vauxhall with the extended-range electric Ampera.

Seat vehicles are available in the Perrys Aylesbury dealership.